The Gatsby Ball


Authentic 1920's Jazz Orchestra

In cooperation with Bårdar Swing Club:

The Gatsby Ball 2018

Sept 29th, 20:-24:00

Uranienborg Menighetshus, Daas gt. 17





This is the night for dressing up like a "sheik" or "flapper", to enjoy glamour and explore the wonderful dances of the jazz age, to the sound of a genuine 1920's dance orchestra..The venue is a beautiful neoclassical building, built in 1924, with a perfect dance floor. Click the button below, to get your tickets.

Dance Classes


The two last Sundays preceding the ball, September 16 and 23, Bårdar Swing Club offers crash courses in Charleston and Foxtrot, the two most common dances of the twenties. While Charleston is quite demanding, Fox-Trot is for anyone, even those without previous dance experience. You will learn Fox-Trot the way it was danced in the 1920's, which is quite different from the ballroom version of present days.


The same classes are given both Sundays:

18:00-19:30 Charleston (kr 75,-)

19:30-20:30 Fox-Trot (kr 75,-)

If you take both classes, the price is just kr 130,-


After the dance classes, we keep the floor open until 21:00, for practicing. The classes are identical on both Sundays, but we do recommend enlisting for both Sundays, to gain more experience.


The classes are held at BLS, Nordahl Brunns gate 22. Register by clicking the button below.











Some advice for dancers


Lindy Hoppers:

1920's music is generally fast, and not very suitable for Lindy Hop. There will be some slower numbers, but we reccomend you take the Charleston class. This is not the Charleston you know from Lindy Hop, and we will focus on figures unique to 1920's Charelston. We will however show you how to integrate the 1930's Charleston figures you already know from Lindy Hop. If you master the Balboa or Collegiate shag, our music is perfect for you.


Ballroom dancers:

If we see many of you on our guest list, we might include a few waltzes and tangos in our repertoire, but there will mostly be quick-step, jive and fox-trot for you.


Tango dancers:

If we se many of you on our guest list, we will include a few tangos on the list, but we do reccomend you take the Fox-Trot class, to be able to enjoy the evening completely. For an argentinian tango dancer, Fox-Trot is a piece of cake to learn - you practically know it already!








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